"Built for the outer limits" 

The constant evolution of the our process has seen the creation of the GXX Tour Range, a remarkable balanced stick featuring Kraibon technology offering the ultimate power and feel combination.



The GXX TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of stiffness for a hockey stick. Designed to bring the highest level of power and a highly responsive touch on the ball for advanced players looking for a really crips feel in their hands.

The Light feel lay-up creates a durable lightweight stick with a high balance point to be in perfect control your hands and sticks movements while executing dribbles and hits.


Power : Ultimate

Feel : Highly Responsive

Carbon Quotient* : 100

Fibre Composition : Carbon, Fibreglass & Aramid

Target Weight : 515gr 

Balance Point : 400mm

Shapes : Classic Curve, PRO-25, T-Bone, Deuce-II & Samurai

*The carbon quotient expresses an indicative stiffness measure of GRYPHON sticks as a relative measure to the widely used carbon percentages. 


•Kraibon® Technology

•Light Feel Lay-up

•Supreme Cushion Grip

•6K Carbon Fibre