The Weight and Balance of a Stick

There is a lot of science about weight and balance of an object and how that impacts distance or force. At GRYPHON we have developed sticks that offer light weight and great power potential. Two ingredients essential for the modern game. Force = Mass x Acceleration The weight and balance is all about how the…

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Choosing The Right GRYPHON Model

GRYPHON have a range of models, you may think they are there because they are our favourite names and colours. (There is a little bit of that) In reality the GRYPHON stick range is developed to offer a stick for all hockey players. From the previous article you can now understand the shapes of the…

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Choosing Your Shape

In our first blog post that started to address picking your stick we mentioned that in the Gryphon range there are 5 different shapes (not seen in every stick model) this can make it even more complicated to pick the right stick. Below shows all the shapes we offer, each with a different curves, head…

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Choosing The Right Stick

Choosing the right stick can be difficult with many sticks in the range, different shapes and models. Over the next few blog posts we are going to help you breakdown the range and pick what stick is best for you. It is important to remember that the hockey player and stick must be regarded as…

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